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What is Same Energy?

Same Energy is a visual search engine. You can use it to find beautiful art, photography, decoration ideas, or anything else.

We believe that image search should be visual, using only a minimum of words. And we believe it should integrate a rich visual understanding, capturing the artistic style and overall mood of an image, not just the objects in it.

We hope Same Energy will help you discover new styles, and perhaps use them as inspiration. Try it with one of these images:

This website is in beta and will be regularly updated in response to your feedback. Do you have feedback? to send it to us.

Who makes this?

My name is Jacob. You can reach me by email or on Twitter:

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How does it work?

Same Energy's core search uses deep learning. The most similar published work is CLIP by OpenAI.

The default feeds available on the home page are algorithmically curated: a seed of 5-20 images are selected by hand, then our system builds the feed by scanning millions of images in our index to find good matches for the seed images. You can create feeds in just the same way: save images to create a collection of seed images, then look at the recommended images.

Do you sell API access to companies?

We're considering this as a business model. If you're interested in indexing your images using Same Energy, please get in touch.

The principal advantage of our search is that it works without any tags or metadata: all we need is the image.